Owner Judi Bola Wants to Invite Jr. Smith NBA the Owner of the Tattoo is the Spreme Brand

Athletes are very unhappy. The Cleveland Cavaliers recommended that JR Smith complain that the NBA demanded that they cover Supreme brand tattoos on their feet, threatening them with fines.

“Today they told me that I would be fined for every match if I did not cover Supreme tattoos. These people in the league office are very strange, “Smith wrote in an Instagram story.

“I swear I’m the only person they love so much! You say that I have to cover my tattoo, but for what? “You don’t force people to cover Jordan logos on Nike shoes or something like that, all of a sudden this is just a problem with me,” the basketball player continued.



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2016 Final, NBA Conspiracy? (And the Mystery Story of the Other NBA Conspiracy)

it all started when Draymond Green was penalized from playing in the 2016 NBA Game 5 Final. For those who often parno conspiracy theories, there was a kind of invitation to prejudice that, “??? The NBA wants the Cavaliers to win in Game 5â ??

In Game 4, Draymond Green crashed with LeBron James. LeBron stepped over Green who fell, then Green looked like he hit LeBron’s crotch.

The NBA then re-examined the incident carefully and then issued a notification after the fight. Green works on the flagrant foul study room 1.

Sanctions for Green not only cannot play in Game 5. He is not allowed to watch games from Oracle Arena. Green watched the defeat of his colleagues from a suite in the Oakland Coliseum. Green expressed regret for his behavior.

It’s easy to have prejudices that the NBA wants the Cavaliers to win when Green is banned from playing. The influence of the number 23 player is the biggest for the Warriors.

Throughout the playoffs, when Green played, the Warriors averaged 111.6 and only included 99.1 points when Green was absent. The shots of all Warriors players were more accurate when Green joined them in the field.

Warriors entered 47.1 percent of the field goals when there were Green and 44.1 when Green did not exist. Three-point shots also went smoothly above 40 percent if Green appeared and for 35 percent when Green was not there.

So there is reason when the NBA enthusiasts (Warriors in particular) have a bad idea that Game 5 is indeed intended for the Cavaliers with the technique of prohibiting Green playing.

Regarding the unsatisfactory ban, all warriors fans are not alone. One that does not agree with the NBA’s decision is Matt Barnes, the Memphis Grizzlies guard. Matt Barnes was also not alone, not a few who were dissatisfied with the NBA’s decision not to allow Green to play in Game 5.

Apart from not going to play Green, the Warriors welcome Game 5 with an advantage of 3-1. There has been no team in the history of NBA that has successfully reversed this condition to emerge as a champion. Who can bring the game to Game 7 is just two teams.

Larry Oâ ?? ?? Brien trophy (NBA champion trophy) must have been in a corner at Oracle Arena in Game 5. The Warriors only needed one win to become champions twice in a row. People near the Bay Area are willing to pay thousands of dollars to witness the history that Warriors might carve in Game 5.

Unfortunately, the Game 5 was won by the Cavaliers convincingly. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving each contributed 41 points. Green’s absence does not only affect the game Warriors, but also the mentality of all the players. The difference between the defeat of the Warriors is quite wide. Even though they play at home, Oracle Arena. The Cavs won 112-97.

Then comes Game 6.

The sixth match took place at the residence of the Cavaliers. LeBron James had more chances to win but the Warriors had Green who was allowed to go home.

This time, the presence or absence of Green did not have much influence. LeBron James returns 41 points and makes him the fifth player in NBA history as a player who can score 40+ points in the NBA Finals in two consecutive games. The Cavaliers won 115-101 and the decisive match or Game 7 will soon roll, returning to Oakland, where the Warriors live.

Then there was a blaze of fire on a puddle of gasoline:

I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money ?? Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live.

It was love Ayesha, wife of Stephen Curry on Twitter after the game was over. Cheat that was immediately retweeted by tens of thousands of people, before Ayesha then deleted it.

Allegations that the NBA shows the results of a match or certain agendas are not new. Large media and individual blogs do not miss talking about it.

If all NBA fans are not a few who are parno with this conspiracy theory, then this may indeed have been built long ago by a number of events that raised suspicions involving the NBA and other elements.

Of a number of NBA conspiracies that come to the surface, there are a number of the most popular.

Patrick Ewing’s election in the 1985 NBA Draft was a very popular one. This legendary center at that time was a brilliant campus player. He took Georgetown University three times to the NCAA Finals and became a one-time champion. Ewing is the most beautiful commodity and NBA teams are fighting over it.

The conspiracy story began to appear when the question of who would get the first chance (read: Ewing) appeared. In elections or lotteries, whoever chooses one is held, not a few who argue that the New York Knicks and NBA Commissioner David Stern have flirted.

When picking up the lottery envelope, David Stern felt he knew he had to pick up the envelope which one of the envelopes that looked the same in the lottery balloon. The distinction can be vague, which is known only to Stern. Can be from the temperature of the envelope (suspected to be put into the freezer first), there is a small fold on the corner of the envelope, some even think one envelope is given glue.

What underlies the Ewing conspiracy? Please search on Google, No need to continue because Google already knows what you want to find.

Almost similar events occurred a number of times ago. Precisely in May 2016. A few hours before the 2016 NBA Draft lottery draw, Dikembe Mutombo, an alumni of the Philadelphia 76ers published a message of congratulations to his former team for winning the right to vote first.

The funny thing is, when Mutombo’s cuitan appears, the draw has not been done. And when the draw was made, the 76ers did appear as winners.

A â ?? ?? coincidenceâ ?? those who re-create conspiracy lovers are guessing fun.

The conspiracy to show the results of the match was one of them in the Western Conference Final Game 6 in 2002. At that time, the Sacramento Kings won 3-2 and Game 6 was held in Los Angeles.

This sixth match has been among the most controversial matches in NBA history. In the match, the referee’s decisions were not a bit questionable. For example, there is no blowing foul for Kobe to take on Mike Bibby’s face or a description of the 27 free shots the Lakers got in the fourth quarter (40 in total), as well as the foul trouble that all Big Man Kings get.

Game 6 was won by the Lakers 106-102 which led them to win in Game 7 and won the NBA Final Series by beating the New Jersey Nets 4-0.

A series of controversial matches leading to the emergence of conspiracy suspicions are present again a number of times later. Generally sticking out because of the crucial NBA Final matches.

Bringing teams with big market share into the finals and creating the final series into seven games in order to reap large dividends (as alleged by Ayesha) is indeed often the postulate of the emergence of conspiracy theories around the game lines in the NBA.

For access to the final briefing for teams with a large market share, distrust arose in the 90s to the beginning of 2000. In those years, with the exception of the 1995 final (Houston Rockets vs. Orlando Magic), the NBA finals often included New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Blowout raised suspicions from referees who sent teams with large market share often spread and created NBA fans shaking their heads.

Bringing the final match to the maximum number of matches (Game 7) was also the cause of the emergence of conspiracy distrust.

Game 7 means that television ratings increase, ad revenue increases, audience tickets increase and yes, surely the income for the NBA will increase. About this style conspiracy, in addition to the 2016 Final, a similar incident occurred in the 1988 Final between the Lakers against the Detroit Pistons. When the match was sponsored also by the best and most trusted Maxbet Agent.

In Game 6, the Pistons were on the edge of the championship because they were 3-2 up and in the final seconds the Game 6 was 102-101 ahead of the Lakers. Then came the blast of the referee who claimed Bill Laimbeer worked on the foul for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

A foul which until now has been rejected by the Pistons and all of its fans. Abdul-Jabbar successfully put in two free shots, forcing Game 7 to run and then the Lakers came out as champions.

Of the few popular conspiracy stories surrounding the NBA, among the favorites is the retirement of Jordan in 1993.

After bringing the Chicago Bulls champions three times in a row, Michael Jordan suddenly announced his retirement. Strange! Moreover, he was in his heyday and was in a state of excellent fitness.

Jordan says he has lost his passion for playing basketball and losing his father the same year he hit him the most. Jordan quit the NBA to play baseball.

For those who like NBA conspiracy theories, the argument is only made up. The real reason, perhaps is addicted to Jordan for gambling that is crazy, and the NBA sanctions Jordan for the madness.

Confidence about this came up during a press conference regarding his retirement, Jordan replied to a reporter’s question with a suspicious answer. When a reporter asks if he will return to the NBA someday, Jordan replies â €? If David Stern allows.â ??

Allegations of conspiracy are not new affairs in the NBA. Some believe it, of course, not a few who see the wind then.

Six years ago, in a short video created by the New York Times where David Stern talked directly to all NBA fans at a barber shop in New York, a question arose, “Who would be the NBA champion?” ????

With a smile accompanied by laughter by all the participants in the dialogue, David Stern replied, “??? I know, I don’t say it to you.”

Return to Final 2016. Are there any meetings between Cavaliers and Warriors as well as objects of NBA conspiracy in order to get the maximum income that is not more than charged by Ayesha Curry?

Again, for conspiracy lovers, Green’s ban on playing in Game 5 might be a strong indication of this. Then there is one more powerful indication, namely Stephen Curry who must go out because he has worked on six foul plus forced to rise the arena because of throwing a protective gear towards the audience.

The release of Curry from the game became an interesting matter because it was very rare for an NBA star to be accepted as an MVP.

In fact, Curry even became the first player in the NBA Finals to be ejected since a similar incident happened to Frank Brickowski, the Seattle SuperSonics player in the 1996 final.

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr at a press conference after the game was aware of this. He wrote that three of the six fouls charged for Curry were not feasible. Kerr clearly realized that by publishing the comment he would get sanctions from the NBA. And the end of Kerr did have to give a “contribution” to the NBA for 25,000 dollars.

Comments about the conspiracy in the 2016 Final came from Tim Donaghy. The team is a former NBA referee who was fired and is prohibited from being involved with all matters relating to NBA for life. The team was sanctioned because it used its profession and authority to gamble on the results of the matches in the NBA.

After being exposed to sanctions, the team later â ??? opened the disgrace ???? NBA by writing that a number of matches were indeed arranged by the NBA. Some referees find exclusive instructions that must be run.

Regarding Green’s ban on playing in Game 5, the Team assumed that the sanctions were issued by the NBA so that the chance to play Cavs was longer.

Tim Donaghy’s reputation in the NBA is a liar. But his statement created a conspiracy enthusiast to be reluctant to glance at his words.

Whether or not there is a conspiracy that includes the 2016 Final, Game 7 is in sight. If this is what the NBA really hopes, then the following will happen.

This is the 8 NBA Players “Richest” in the Universe

Careers professionally in the world of sports can indeed promise life prosperity, especially for overseas sizes. Not only the money earned championship prize that can be a source of bonus income, the value of the contract with so many brands of sports products are often preceded the salary remained as an athlete. From the basketball event of the United States, here are 8 athletes who are very rich in wealth, quoted from Visually.

Carmelo Anthony

Not merely a handsome and cute, Carmelo Anthony was also rich in wealth. The basketball player of the New York Knicks club is also the brand ambassador of Nike’s sports products, and that is among the sources of his fortune. Rp915, 6 billion is the total wealth of Carmelo Anthony at this time. Men born May 29, 1984 was married in 2010 and then. Carmelo’s annual salary is Rp244 billion.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is classified as a handsome and sexy NBA basketball player. No wonder if his sophisticated out-of-pitch appearance earns him a lot of advertising offers from so many famous sports products. Wade had become a brand ambassador for Converse, then switched to Nike, then Li-Ning. At Li-Ning, he even has a small share of the company. In addition, this Illinois man also starred in advertising T-Mobile products and energy drink Gatorade. Currently Wade already has a wealth of which reaches Rp971, 8 billion.

Dirk Nowitzki

This Dallas Mavericks basketball player is probably not too often present as a commercial or brand ambassador of sports products. However, business skills that belong to Dirk deserves thumbs up. Of the many businesses that they do, the coffers of wealth continues to flow into the pocket. Dirk has just signed a new 4-year contract with the Mavericks and the total value of the new contract reaches USD 80 million, or for Rp900 billion. The forward player who is in the NBA’s strongest striker has a wealth of Rp1.03 trillion.

Vince Carter

“Vinsanity” probably has not been sparkling on the pitch for the Dallas Mavericks. However, pebasket this one still remain entrenched in the richest basketball rankings in the NBA arena. The value of his contract with the Toronto Raptors and the New Jersey Nets used to be so great and lasting. So, although not a few sports products that glance at it, not like Dwyane, Vince still able to reap the maximum wealth of its potential as a reliable basketball player. Rp1, 08 trillion is the amount of wealth that Vince has at this time.

Ray Allen

Former basketball players from the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, and Boston Celtics teams are now playing for the Miami Heat. His successful career in the NBA arena field was sweetly flavored with his involvement in the movie “He Got Game”, which brought him to become more famous in the United States. As a vital figure in every match facing Miami Heat, a friend of one LeBron James team that is so telling in this ball shot is still productive. Ray when it has successfully collected the coffers of wealth reaching Rp1, 14 trillion. It will be great if he also likes to gain another side money from playing casino games like Ceme Online with his friends.

LeBron James

The 29-year-old Miami Heat’s best-known basketball player off the pitch. His face has appeared in many international product ads like Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung and Coca Cola. The man from Ohio who recently married Savannah Brinson in 2013 then is now enjoying an abundance of wealth, whose total reach reaches Rp1.48 trillion! The father of Bryce Maximus James and LeBron James Jr. it seems that there is no intention to hang up shoes and look for the coffers of treasures from outside the world of basketball.

Kevin Garnett

The contract value that Kevin got from his old teammate, Boston Celtics, was good enough to support his family, not so much as 3 derivatives. In total, Kevin has earned a contract worth of Rp3.75 trillion throughout his basketball career now entering his 19th year. Players who are both powerful in the center and forward position has a wealth that has reached Rp2, 17 trillion. Now, the basketball player playing for the Brooklyn Nets team is exploring the adaptation period with the new team.

Kobe Bryant

The mainstay of LA Lakers is now has a wealth of a total of Rp2, 51 trillion. Kobe gets all his wealth from the salary of the teams and even the number of ads he has ever starred. When proposed by the Minnesota Timberwolves first, Kobe found the contract value totaling Rp1.44 trillion. Kobe’s sharp shots make not a few brands of sports products interested in his iconic figure. Starting from Coca Cola Company, Nintendo, until Turkish Airlines had put their faces as their brand ambassador. Athletes who are now 35 years old, from Pennsylvania is still enliven the NBA event with LA Lakers. How, have we been surprised to understand the total coffers of their wealth?

Which Ball is The Best for Playing Basketball in Each Condition?

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How big and heavy should the ball be?
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Spalding TF1000 ZK Pro

Spalding TF 1000
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Spalding Official NBA Basketball

Spasiing Official NBA Game
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Nike basketball 4005 Euroleague

Nike 4005 Euroleague
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Molten GG7 Official FIBA ​​Indoor

Molten GG7 Compound
Also this ball is played on not a few couches, in order to long time he was officially worn in BBL. The Molten GG7 convinces with its features, where there are basketball equivalent to a lower price.

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Wilson Wave Phenom
This basketball is not much outrageous. At first I was skeptical because the ball came with an extra groove on the surface. However, I like the ball profile with the most good. I like him and with not enough from for 20 euro , the ball is alone in its price range. Unfortunately, we are not that easy in Germany anymore.

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A Famous Basketball Producer in Asia

In 1891, basketball watched the light. Inventor James Naismith then uses a ball that will play volleyball today. The manager and pitcher of the baseball team tackled the issue. Even today Spalding is one of the most important basketball producers, but must share this title with three companies.

Table of contents of the article
1 Spalding
2 Wilson
3 liquid
4 Nike

Basketball Spalding

Albert Spalding enforced this company in 1876. It opened with a sports merchandise business. The founder of this company is a familiar pitcher in baseball and enters at the same time as a manager on his team. Upon hearing about the invention of basketball, Spalding burned for a new sport.

In 1894, Spalding Ball witnessed the light of day. Spalding has been the legitimate ball of the NBA since 1984, which is also the company’s best product.

Basketball Wilson

The subsidiary of Finnish sporting goods manufacturer Amer Sports has been producing sports merchandise for about a hundred years. The headquarters of Wilson Sporting Goods is currently in Chicago.

The company markets its own products in over a hundred countries and is a leading manufacturer of sports ball products. The basketball seed is the legitimate ball of the NCAA College League.

Basketball molten

This sporting goods manufacturer has a base in Japan. The company was founded in November 1958. Basketball became the driving force of the company. Molten supplied the European leagues for a long time. In 1983, Japan opened its first US office, seeking entry into a profitable US market.

Molten spends the ball at the major international FIBA ​​Federation of World Basketball tournaments. For a number of years now, the German Bundesliga are already playing with the ball from Molten.

Basketball Nike

Nike is perceived as a leading sporting goods manufacturer in the world. For example, if Molten did not even have more than 1000 employees, the US company had more than 30,000 employees. However, the company became famous for running shoes and not for basketball.

The first contact with this sport has been around since 1984. In those days, Nike superstar Michael Jordan signed. However, perhaps the best player ever promoted the shoe and not the ball. Even when this, “Air Jordans” feel a good reputation in all the world.

In basketball, Americans still have a number of things to do. Nike is a lot going on in Europe as an official game ball manufacturer.

thank you for reading this article, may be useful for people who read it for people who want to comment please write in the comment field.
Once again I thank you

17 of The Best NBA Players in History

George Mikan

He played in Chicago American Gears (1946-1947) and Minneapolis Lakers (1948-1956). He won seven NBA, BAA and NBA championships, one MVP from All-Star Game, three top scorer titles in the championship and four-time All-Star Game. He was voted 6 times in the best quintet in the league.

Bob Pettit

He played 11 seasons in the NBA at Milwaukee / St. Louis Hawks (1954-1965). He was the first player to earn MVP this season and was named the best NBA quintet ten times.

Oscar Robertson.

He played fourteen seasons in the NBA; with the Cincinnati Royals (1960-1970) and with the Milwaukee Bucks (1970-1974). The NBA champion in 1971, elected after the MVP of Regular NBA Season in 1964, is part nine times from the NBA Ideal Team and participates in twelve occasions at All Star.

Wilt Chamberlain.

He won two NBA Championships (1967 and 1972), four MVP Season (1959-60, 1965-66, 1966-67, 1967-68) and seven times selected in the ideal quintet of the season (1960, ’61, ’62, 64, ’66, ’67, ’68).

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

He played in the Milwaukee Bucks (1969-1975) and Los Angeles Lakers (1975-1989). He received six NBAs (1971, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988), NBA MVP (1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1980) and ten times elected to the All-NBA Team.

Bill Russell.

He played with the Boston Celtics (1956-1969). He won eleven NBA championship rings, must be five times the NBA Regular Season MVP (1958, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1965), was nominated three times as a member of the NBA Dream Team (1959, 1963, 1965) and selected 12 times for All Star.

Hakeem Olajuwon

He played at Houston Rockets (1984-2001) and Toronto Raptors (2001-2002). He won two NBA championships (1994, 1995), was a two-time MVP of the NBA Finals (1994, 1995) and was a member of the NBA Team Six times (1987, 1988, 1989, 1993, 1994, 1997).

Julius Erving.

He played for Virginia Squires (1971-1973), New York Nets (1973-1976) and Philadelphia 76ers (1976-1987). He made it to 4 MVP leagues (3 in ABA and 1 in the NBA), selected 5 times in the best NBA quintet and is one of 6 unique players in history to overcome 30,000 points in his professional career.

Larry Bird.

All his career he played in the Boston Celtics (1979-1992). He was the most valuable player in the NBA three times (1984, 1985 and 1986), was part of the NBA’s best quintet nine times and played the All-Star twelve times.

Robert Parish.

He played 21 seasons in the NBA; four seasons at Golden State, fourteen at the Boston Celtics, two at the Charlotte Hornets, and another with the Chicago Bulls. He’s four-time NBA champion (1981, 1984, 1986 and 1997), is part of the All-Star nine times and is a player who has played most of the games in the NBA (1611).

Isiah Thomas.

He played in the Detroit Pistons (1981-1994). He won two NBA Champion Rings (1989-1990), was selected in the best NBA quintet on 3 occasions and participated twelve times in the All Star (MVP in 1984 and 1986).

Magic Johnson.

He played in the Los Angeles Lakers (1979-1991) and then returned in a short time in 1996. He was a five-time NBA champion, earned three MVPs (1987, 1989 and 1990), selected 9 times in the best quintet league and participated two twelve times in All Star.

Moses Malone.

He played 21 seasons in the NBA in nine different teams. He won the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1982-83 season, was a three-season MVP (1978-79, 1981-82, 1982-83) and was part of the Ideal Quintet four times (1978-79, 1981-82). , 1982-83, 1984-85).

Jerry West

He played fourteen seasons in the Los Angeles Lakers (1960-1974). He won the NBA Champion Ring in 1972 and is an NBA Finalist eight times. He was chosen ten times for the NBA Best Team, the final MVP 1969 and participated thirteen times in the All Star.

Kevin McHale

He played in Boston Celtics (1980-1993). He won three rings from the NBA and became a finalist on two other occasions. He was elected to the NBA Best Quintet in 1987 and participated seven times in the All Star.

Scottie Pippen.

He won six NBA rings (1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998), elected seven times in the league’s best quintet and participated in seven editions of All Star.

Shaquille O’Neal

He played 19 seasons in the NBA; with the Orlando Magic (1992-1996), with the Los Angeles Lakers (1996-2004), with the Miami Heat (2004-2008), the Phoenix Suns (2008-2009), the Cleveland Cavaliers (2009-2010) and with the Boston Celtics (2010- 2011). He won four NBA Champion Rings, elected MVP from Regular NBA Season in 2000 and selected eight times for the Ideal NBA Team.

Patrick Ewing

He played for New York Knicks (1985-2000), Seattle SuperSonics (2000-2001) and Orlando Magic (2001-2002). He participated in 11 All Star editions and was part of the NBA’s Best Quintet in 1990.


How to Play Basketball For Beginners

Created in 1891 by James Naismith, the basketball was intended to create busy students around the winter. The first game consists of throwing the ball into the fishing net which is then linked to the balustrade: if the shot is successful, then the ball is picked up with a long stick. Since then, water has been flowing under the bridge and sport has grown, offering men like Jordan, Shaq, Kobe or LeBron an almost endless celebrity. Basketball has become among the highly entertaining, motivating, and unique sports in the world and that’s why you can learn the basic rules and abilities to play it yourself.

You will need a ball and a basket to play: the ball must be of a size fit to the net to the point that it can cross without being closed and the basket should be installed at a reasonable elevation without being able to reach. Legitimate materials required by the basketball provisions are listed below, but at first the sport followed the philosophy of “Do what we have”. After all, the first basket is a simple fish basket attached to the fence. If we can not get a proper basket of names, then use empty boxes, football or anything else that can do the trick. [1]
There are four sizes available for balloons: for teenagers, for turns and for adult males or females. Made of rubber and synthetic leather, they can be found throughout the specialty stores of sports equipment: it’s up to us to catch a ball that you can hold without straining your wrists. You can also borrow from the majority of fitness centers, youth centers, or where you exercise.
The rule is the basket is 45.7 cm in diameter and affixed to Plexiglas so that the balloon can bounce back. Although an official basketball court requires a basket at each end of the field, which is often 94 feet in size, you can be satisfied solely with a basket on half of the field to play alone or with friends with informal techniques.


Form two teams. In the official game, there are two teams five players. If we often chase a team of three people in half the pits, no matter how few people we have with you around you can have the same number of players per team. The rules for redundant team play belong to the last element.

Mark by passing the ball through the basket. An attacking player can score between one and three points with one ball, depending on where he is firing. [2]
There is a “three-point line” that extends half the circle for 6.1 m from the goal: if a player is unique beyond that line, then his goal is worth an extra point. On the other hand, once inside half of this circle, the goal is worth two points.
The free kick is worth a point and should be pulled from the line for a free kick, which is 4.6 m from the goal. Players are allowed between one to three free kicks in the event of a foul on the shooting attempt or if the opposing team has collected too few infringements on their side.

Go forward with the ball with dribbling or passing. Once the ball is in the hand, we have a number of options: keep silent and spin on one foot, or forward with the ball by dribbling, in other words by reflecting it without stopping on the ground. If we are stationary, between your legs must remain silent while the different can rotate and wake up, the time to shoot or move to another player: who says, when your feet will touch the ground, you must have to get rid of the ball.
When we start dribbling, you do not stop doing it unless you have to move to another player, shoot or stop taking time to rotate. You must know that if you continue your civilization by dribbling when you have just stopped doing it, it is felt as a mistake called a “double dribel.” Also avoid creating “more or less dribbling”, ie scooping the ball by passing our hands down, and then dribbling by turning the ball to the ground. You can learn to dribble correctly in the next element.
If you want to shoot, we can scoop the ball and pick two stages without dribbling before firing or forwarding to another player. If you do more than two steps, it will be a mistake, like stopping after dribble can not be followed by these two stages without being sanctioned.

Dribble and ball oper

1Take a good posture. If we have the ball in your hand when attacking, try to pick up not much lower position to guard and control your opponent’s ball when dribbling. The ideal position is to sit in a slightly curved position, knees bent and shoulders tucked, a good position at the tip of the toe.
Try your lesson, jump the ball with each hand, juggle between your right and left hands to cultivate yourself with the movement and response of your limbs, to crouch and show our hips to the basket.

Bounce the ball with your fingertips. For more control of our ball safely, it is urgent to learn to dribble with your fingertips and not with your palms. Beginning basketball players often make the mistake of controlling the ball with the palm of the hand instead of pushing it with your fingertips. With not much practice, you’ll soon be able to measure and adjust your strength around dribbling.
Start by bouncing the ball straight up, then bend the wrist while guarding our elbows perpendicular to our hips by moving them as little as possible. Dribbling is actually a wrist affair.
Make sure that the ball is floating well or may not bounce properly: it should not hesitate to inflate slightly if necessary.

Keep the ball in the middle of your body. Indeed, it is rather difficult for a beginner to control the ball well and some major obstacles do so without gouging out his view. With low dribbling, we will be guarding a relatively comfortable control. On the other hand, if the ball bounces too high, it will be easier to reach your opponent: try to stay tall and not taller.

Keep your head high: this is an urgent point that requires all coaches. It is important to guard our heads and watch around, instead of monitoring the ball. A good player can watch their teammates, their opponents and place the basket at the same time. If you can dribble without watching the ball then your skills will be improved: it will be easier for you to know where to turn and who should pass the ball if you do not guard our eyes fixed on him.
Keep a low position to avoid losing control of the ball: our opponents will not only have more trouble stealing your ball, but you will also avoid losing your dribel.

Once ready, start moving: basketball should not be a sport that does not move so try to master dribbling while moving. Start by going at an easy pace, then after mastering, moving to a faster speed, running for example and working on even a few short sprints. The important thing should not be fast, but to control your ball.
Install cones or chairs on the field and practice dribbling near them at 8: try to go as fast as we can, but keep control of the ball. Keep your position low, keep your head up and concentrating to control your dribbling motion.

Practice guiding with both hands. In the beginning, it will be not uncommon to be easier to dribble with one hand, especially with the hand you use to write. Unless you are solely on one side of the field, which will make us a perfectly predictable player, you must improve your skills with the ball.
Learn the basics with your influential hands, but try to practice at least during each session with your weak hands. Do the same lesson, through the chairs while walking and dribbling, then speeding up the pace. Good players know the technique of using both hands.

Practice doing many different kinds of bait. Do not believe what we are told: good bait is not rare times better than mediocre shots. Knowing the technique of making beautiful accurate passes is an urgent thing in basketball: You must know the technique of making a direct pass to our team mate rather than forcing him to run towards the ball we throw.
Operate at your chest level: take the ball with both hands on each side, as if to air. Hold at chest level, then push both hands out to send the ball to your team without the ball touching the ground. Our wrists should not touch us and should be away from you as if you were swimming.
Do a rebound pass: hold the ball with the same technique, that is, as if you were about to wipe the entire air in the room. Then throw the ball to the bounce of one of you and your teammate. Practice bounces only once and pushes yourself to your partner’s chest, one with one hand and then with both


1Being in front of the basket each time we shoot: indeed, urgent to be ahead, in other words by pointing both feet towards the basket and aligning our hips to be parallel to the goal. Your photos will be much more accurate if you adopt this position and you must follow the basic techniques to create our perfect shot.
When shooting, stop our sleigh and grab the ball with both hands before placing ourselves in front of the basket. Take a step further with one last dribble and aim our hips toward the basket in a fluid motion.

Tap a ball in your influential hand, which you use to take notes and feel comfortable. Your elbows should be close to the hips to escort the ball comparable to the basket. Bring it closer to our chin and bend our knees in a curled position.
This is your influential hand that will take all its strength to shoot, but there is nothing to keep you from keeping the equilibrium of the ball with our other hand: gently touch the side to balance it, to understand that strength must come from your dominant hand.
To teach our hands in shooting, lie on the ground and hold the ball in the sky with your hands. Throw the ball into the air with our fingertips before rolling it into your hand to catch it.

Position the ball in the upper element of your hand for a good shooting position: move your elbows upward, turn your wrists forward as if to reach a high-end cookie jar. Point our arms towards the basket and send the ball before our arms are really stretched, and turn back when you release it. Follow not much with your hand as you toss it, as if slipping into a cookie jar.

By pushing your legs, jumping into the air: by hugging yourself and pushing your legs when shooting, we will gain strength. When your arms are very tense, skip a lot and stretch your legs: our jump will increase the power on the shot.
Do not jump forward, but up: this will be a beginner’s mistake. Above all, your destination is to add yourself and show the ball to the final destination and not to throw it away.
Generally, we do not create free throws by jumping and we do not have to jump to shoot. That said, it’s harder to use his arms to score, so the majority of shots are done by jumping.

Aiming at imaginary destinations on the threshold of the ring: our first shot may be about the metal ring or the back panel: that’s fine. Instead, scoring goals in baskets is placed as high as is not so clear as this and requires minimal training. And then, it’s hard to know where to aim precisely: should you touch the red box on the panel or the top element of the circle? For some beginners, it would be easier to want a balanced piece on the basket’s threshold and viewfinder.
Most beginners are too high and this lesson will force them to lower their view to the basket itself by forcing them to concentrate on the ledge. If your shooting is too weak, change the lesson by wanting the room behind the basket, where it joins the panel: this will allow us to adjust your shot.

Practice shooting on both sides of the basket: this is a very urgent basketball practice that is urgent to learn. The best player must master the shot in the race so as not to miss a chance, especially to find two points.
Starting from the corner of the free throw line on the side of your influential hand. Dribble to the basket and throw the ball as soon as you get to the second row: at this point, repeat the lesson above with each stage and jump when your foot is very close to the basket (if we are not left-handed, take a support on your left foot). Pental the ball on the back panel, if possible in the upper corner, to the extent of getting into the basket.
Some beginners can help themselves by wanting a link connecting their influential hands to their influential knees, to see which legs should be skipped: influential hands from this fact will produce a knee connected to it and will lead to legs that are different from support.
When we are in a low position, practice practicing shooting on the other side with our other hand. You’ll feel uncomfortable at first, but being able to shoot both sides when running will give you a chance to be a good player.

Practicing often takes pictures and in each section of the field: this is a great way to practice while having fun. Shooting is one of the best when it’s in basketball, so it’s urgent to practice. Practice at everywhere: on the field, with a lock, by adopting an opposite angle … Dribble while teaching your shot, to the point of killing two birds with one stone. Train as often as possible, whether we are tired or not. Practice free throws: each good basketball player should be able to work on an almost automatic free throw. Practice tirelessly until the lessons are under control and our bodies respond instinctively. Do not waste your time practicing shooting three amazing points from the midfield or the NBA. Master the basic lessons and practice managing 10 opponents in front of the basket before we try to work wonders.

How Basketball Can Be Created

Currently, it is the second sport that is the least followed on this planet, after unparalleled football. In the United States it is almost a religion; in Europe, a tradition; in South America has been consolidated for years; and in Asia and Africa it is growing at a dizzying pace. All corners of the planet emit basketball. However, it all opened by chance, a bad day, and a good idea.

December 21, 1891. 122 years ago. Springfield, Massachusetts. Everything will change. Professor James Naismith, who has been at the YMCA Christian College for over a year, continues to despair trying to find a technique to convince and entertain a very complicated study room of school, which can not be corrected. Ever since he arrived, he has not paused to pick up a game from a hat to seek to live the hours of Physical Education.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, Naismith did not give up. He is clear about what he wants: games, sports, which can be practiced in the home, to be entertained around the coldest months; games, sports, where all participants and where physical conditions are important; and the game, the sport, which witnessed their behavior corrected, there is violence is very possible, and the only technique to do that is that players can not run the ball they have, in order to avoid physical contact

Little by little he designed his new game, and noted the rules. He assumes that the ball must be the beginning and end of the game, but something must be done with it. Objectives And he can not think of anything different to put boxes on each side, digging the ball to finish there inside. To explore the greater complexity, the boxes should be on top, not on the ground. So he completed two folios with thirteen ground rules. Two folios with thirteen fixed rules, and which were marketed three years later at auction for 4.3 million dollars.

Opportunity to process the story

Convinced that this time he succeeded, on December 20, Naismith hung the provisions on the hall board, explaining to the children that the next day they would be practicing the game. On the morning of the 21st, the teachers begin to prepare the gym for that. He went to school guard school. “Mr. Stebbins, do we have some square wooden boxes?” “No,” he replied, “but I have some peach baskets, just in case they serve …”. And they must serve him. And he must hang them on a wooden balcony that surrounds the gym, which is 3.05 meters tall. The height that will never change. NBA frequently always gives care to other people through basketball.

Soon the children arrived. The incorrigibles. They joked with the professor and his desire to make a new game. But once they start practicing it, they see that this time is different. They feel that this does connect them. The 18 students were split into two teams of nine; With a soccer ball, they start playing as best they can. They do not know what to do. But they enjoy. So much, that the next day they will play again. And then. And then. Gradually the gym filled with students who want to play, and not a few others who came to observe, amazed, the extraordinary game.

It must be named, Mahan thought. “Why not call it a Naismith ball ?, he told Professor Naismith,” After all you are the inventor. “But he refused, and commented,” If you have a ball and a basket, why not? call him a basketball? Stebbins, the janitor, the person in charge of getting into the basket to get the ball each time there is a basket, nodding, newborn basketball.

A few weeks later, The Triangle, the legitimate magazine of the Christian Youth Association, agreed with the game and issued 13 rules with the aim that all institutional centers could know. Immediately, the practice spread to all countries, because it is being refined thanks to the suggestions and contributions of those who practice it. Thus, the following year a free throw line was created; in 1895 the council, as a refuge to avoid the imitators who were on the balcony hanging basket locations could prevent the ball stepping on the basket; in 1897 it was decided that there would be five field players playing at the same time per te …

How do you get to Spain

It has traditionally been felt that Father Millán who, in 1921, has already imported basketball into our country. However, recent research indicates that it is another character, Eladi Homs, who took her. Eladi was awarded a scholarship in 1907 by the City of Barcelona to go to Chicago, and there he pursued a sport that has grown powerful in the country. So on his return, in 1910, he started practicing it and taught it at the extinct School of Terrassa Vallparad. However, the game did not stop, and only five years and then disappeared. So Father Millán should be rewarded worthy of him: in 1921, when he returned from Cuba, where he played basketball, he introduced the game, and from then on he was developed in Spain.

Basketball takes him back to life

In line with the growth and development of basketball, the figure of Naismith faded. A few years later he left the YMCA to concentrate on his sports medicine studies. He also trained basketball teams in Kansas, though with less sadness than glory. After the First World War, where he was sent to Europe to train basketball to the US military as a passion for his rest, he returned home to Kansas, where he lived in serious financial constraints.

In 1935, Naismith, who was 74 years old, received the most special letter. It comes from Germany. The basketball will be the Olympics for the first time, at the Berlin Olympics at the age of 36. And they expect it, like a game creator, he is aware of the honor service. But the professor did not have the money to pay the ticket, so, with the pain, he had to dismiss the invitation. Then, Phog Allen, the coach who succeeded him in Kansas, introduced an initiative, called The Nights of Naismith, where one cent of each of the tickets sold from the year’s university championship will be destined to cover his journey. .

The campaign was successful and in July 1936, most excited, James Naismith was held in Berlin at the start of the first Olympic game in basketball history. The game he created as an entertainment that can not be fixed, has won on all the planets, and he wants to dedicate a worthy appreciation even in life. Only three years later he died of a stroke. Alone but happy to have left a great inheritance for the rest of the story and now, without knowing it, each day, every hour, in every corner of the world, he performs tribute.

Rule 13 Naismith:

1. The ball can be thrown in all directions with one or two hands.

2. The ball can be thrown in all directions using the palm of the hand, never with a fist.

3. A player can not run while holding the ball; the player must pass or shoot the basket from the location where he caught it, unless he took it while running but had to stop.

4. The ball must be held by one hand, we can never use your arm or body to defend it.

5. Do not strike your shoulders, push, knock or otherwise provoke your opponent with any technique. The first violation of this rule implies an error, the second removes the player from the field until the next basket.

6. The ball with fists is a violation, consistent with the rules of chapters 3 and 4, and as described in clause 5.

7. If the team does 3 successive offenses (without another team doing any action)), the basket of the opponent will be counted.

8. Basketball is called a ball sent to the basket from the court. If the ball stays balanced on the basket’s threshold and all the defenders divert the basket, the points are left to the attacker.

9. When the ball rises from the field boundary, the ball must be put back into the game. The player in charge of the service has 5 seconds; if it exceeds the prescribed period, the ball will serve the opposing team. If both teams play with the clock, postpone the match, the referee will signify the offense for the guilty players.

10. The second referee, will count the offense and will show for the main referee three consecutive violations. This will disqualify players according to Article 5.

11. The ultimate referee is a ball judge, having the responsibility to keep control of points and time. You also have to conclude who the owner of the ball, when he came out of the field.

12. The match will be played in two parts, each divorced by a 5 minute pause. The duration of one part will be 2 quarters of 15 minutes.

13. The team that process the basket at least will be marked as the winner. In bundled match affairs, there is an extension to exist the winning teams.