2016 Final, NBA Conspiracy? (And the Mystery Story of the Other NBA Conspiracy)

it all started when Draymond Green was penalized from playing in the 2016 NBA Game 5 Final. For those who often parno conspiracy theories, there was a kind of invitation to prejudice that, “??? The NBA wants the Cavaliers to win in Game 5â ??

In Game 4, Draymond Green crashed with LeBron James. LeBron stepped over Green who fell, then Green looked like he hit LeBron’s crotch.

The NBA then re-examined the incident carefully and then issued a notification after the fight. Green works on the flagrant foul study room 1.

Sanctions for Green not only cannot play in Game 5. He is not allowed to watch games from Oracle Arena. Green watched the defeat of his colleagues from a suite in the Oakland Coliseum. Green expressed regret for his behavior.

It’s easy to have prejudices that the NBA wants the Cavaliers to win when Green is banned from playing. The influence of the number 23 player is the biggest for the Warriors.

Throughout the playoffs, when Green played, the Warriors averaged 111.6 and only included 99.1 points when Green was absent. The shots of all Warriors players were more accurate when Green joined them in the field.

Warriors entered 47.1 percent of the field goals when there were Green and 44.1 when Green did not exist. Three-point shots also went smoothly above 40 percent if Green appeared and for 35 percent when Green was not there.

So there is reason when the NBA enthusiasts (Warriors in particular) have a bad idea that Game 5 is indeed intended for the Cavaliers with the technique of prohibiting Green playing.

Regarding the unsatisfactory ban, all warriors fans are not alone. One that does not agree with the NBA’s decision is Matt Barnes, the Memphis Grizzlies guard. Matt Barnes was also not alone, not a few who were dissatisfied with the NBA’s decision not to allow Green to play in Game 5.

Apart from not going to play Green, the Warriors welcome Game 5 with an advantage of 3-1. There has been no team in the history of NBA that has successfully reversed this condition to emerge as a champion. Who can bring the game to Game 7 is just two teams.

Larry Oâ ?? ?? Brien trophy (NBA champion trophy) must have been in a corner at Oracle Arena in Game 5. The Warriors only needed one win to become champions twice in a row. People near the Bay Area are willing to pay thousands of dollars to witness the history that Warriors might carve in Game 5.

Unfortunately, the Game 5 was won by the Cavaliers convincingly. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving each contributed 41 points. Green’s absence does not only affect the game Warriors, but also the mentality of all the players. The difference between the defeat of the Warriors is quite wide. Even though they play at home, Oracle Arena. The Cavs won 112-97.

Then comes Game 6.

The sixth match took place at the residence of the Cavaliers. LeBron James had more chances to win but the Warriors had Green who was allowed to go home.

This time, the presence or absence of Green did not have much influence. LeBron James returns 41 points and makes him the fifth player in NBA history as a player who can score 40+ points in the NBA Finals in two consecutive games. The Cavaliers won 115-101 and the decisive match or Game 7 will soon roll, returning to Oakland, where the Warriors live.

Then there was a blaze of fire on a puddle of gasoline:

I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money ?? Or ratings in not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live.

It was love Ayesha, wife of Stephen Curry on Twitter after the game was over. Cheat that was immediately retweeted by tens of thousands of people, before Ayesha then deleted it.

Allegations that the NBA shows the results of a match or certain agendas are not new. Large media and individual blogs do not miss talking about it.

If all NBA fans are not a few who are parno with this conspiracy theory, then this may indeed have been built long ago by a number of events that raised suspicions involving the NBA and other elements.

Of a number of NBA conspiracies that come to the surface, there are a number of the most popular.

Patrick Ewing’s election in the 1985 NBA Draft was a very popular one. This legendary center at that time was a brilliant campus player. He took Georgetown University three times to the NCAA Finals and became a one-time champion. Ewing is the most beautiful commodity and NBA teams are fighting over it.

The conspiracy story began to appear when the question of who would get the first chance (read: Ewing) appeared. In elections or lotteries, whoever chooses one is held, not a few who argue that the New York Knicks and NBA Commissioner David Stern have flirted.

When picking up the lottery envelope, David Stern felt he knew he had to pick up the envelope which one of the envelopes that looked the same in the lottery balloon. The distinction can be vague, which is known only to Stern. Can be from the temperature of the envelope (suspected to be put into the freezer first), there is a small fold on the corner of the envelope, some even think one envelope is given glue.

What underlies the Ewing conspiracy? Please search on Google, No need to continue because Google already knows what you want to find.

Almost similar events occurred a number of times ago. Precisely in May 2016. A few hours before the 2016 NBA Draft lottery draw, Dikembe Mutombo, an alumni of the Philadelphia 76ers published a message of congratulations to his former team for winning the right to vote first.

The funny thing is, when Mutombo’s cuitan appears, the draw has not been done. And when the draw was made, the 76ers did appear as winners.

A â ?? ?? coincidenceâ ?? those who re-create conspiracy lovers are guessing fun.

The conspiracy to show the results of the match was one of them in the Western Conference Final Game 6 in 2002. At that time, the Sacramento Kings won 3-2 and Game 6 was held in Los Angeles.

This sixth match has been among the most controversial matches in NBA history. In the match, the referee’s decisions were not a bit questionable. For example, there is no blowing foul for Kobe to take on Mike Bibby’s face or a description of the 27 free shots the Lakers got in the fourth quarter (40 in total), as well as the foul trouble that all Big Man Kings get.

Game 6 was won by the Lakers 106-102 which led them to win in Game 7 and won the NBA Final Series by beating the New Jersey Nets 4-0.

A series of controversial matches leading to the emergence of conspiracy suspicions are present again a number of times later. Generally sticking out because of the crucial NBA Final matches.

Bringing teams with big market share into the finals and creating the final series into seven games in order to reap large dividends (as alleged by Ayesha) is indeed often the postulate of the emergence of conspiracy theories around the game lines in the NBA.

For access to the final briefing for teams with a large market share, distrust arose in the 90s to the beginning of 2000. In those years, with the exception of the 1995 final (Houston Rockets vs. Orlando Magic), the NBA finals often included New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Blowout raised suspicions from referees who sent teams with large market share often spread and created NBA fans shaking their heads.

Bringing the final match to the maximum number of matches (Game 7) was also the cause of the emergence of conspiracy distrust.

Game 7 means that television ratings increase, ad revenue increases, audience tickets increase and yes, surely the income for the NBA will increase. About this style conspiracy, in addition to the 2016 Final, a similar incident occurred in the 1988 Final between the Lakers against the Detroit Pistons. When the match was sponsored also by the best and most trusted Maxbet Agent.

In Game 6, the Pistons were on the edge of the championship because they were 3-2 up and in the final seconds the Game 6 was 102-101 ahead of the Lakers. Then came the blast of the referee who claimed Bill Laimbeer worked on the foul for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

A foul which until now has been rejected by the Pistons and all of its fans. Abdul-Jabbar successfully put in two free shots, forcing Game 7 to run and then the Lakers came out as champions.

Of the few popular conspiracy stories surrounding the NBA, among the favorites is the retirement of Jordan in 1993.

After bringing the Chicago Bulls champions three times in a row, Michael Jordan suddenly announced his retirement. Strange! Moreover, he was in his heyday and was in a state of excellent fitness.

Jordan says he has lost his passion for playing basketball and losing his father the same year he hit him the most. Jordan quit the NBA to play baseball.

For those who like NBA conspiracy theories, the argument is only made up. The real reason, perhaps is addicted to Jordan for gambling that is crazy, and the NBA sanctions Jordan for the madness.

Confidence about this came up during a press conference regarding his retirement, Jordan replied to a reporter’s question with a suspicious answer. When a reporter asks if he will return to the NBA someday, Jordan replies â €? If David Stern allows.â ??

Allegations of conspiracy are not new affairs in the NBA. Some believe it, of course, not a few who see the wind then.

Six years ago, in a short video created by the New York Times where David Stern talked directly to all NBA fans at a barber shop in New York, a question arose, “Who would be the NBA champion?” ????

With a smile accompanied by laughter by all the participants in the dialogue, David Stern replied, “??? I know, I don’t say it to you.”

Return to Final 2016. Are there any meetings between Cavaliers and Warriors as well as objects of NBA conspiracy in order to get the maximum income that is not more than charged by Ayesha Curry?

Again, for conspiracy lovers, Green’s ban on playing in Game 5 might be a strong indication of this. Then there is one more powerful indication, namely Stephen Curry who must go out because he has worked on six foul plus forced to rise the arena because of throwing a protective gear towards the audience.

The release of Curry from the game became an interesting matter because it was very rare for an NBA star to be accepted as an MVP.

In fact, Curry even became the first player in the NBA Finals to be ejected since a similar incident happened to Frank Brickowski, the Seattle SuperSonics player in the 1996 final.

Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr at a press conference after the game was aware of this. He wrote that three of the six fouls charged for Curry were not feasible. Kerr clearly realized that by publishing the comment he would get sanctions from the NBA. And the end of Kerr did have to give a “contribution” to the NBA for 25,000 dollars.

Comments about the conspiracy in the 2016 Final came from Tim Donaghy. The team is a former NBA referee who was fired and is prohibited from being involved with all matters relating to NBA for life. The team was sanctioned because it used its profession and authority to gamble on the results of the matches in the NBA.

After being exposed to sanctions, the team later â ??? opened the disgrace ???? NBA by writing that a number of matches were indeed arranged by the NBA. Some referees find exclusive instructions that must be run.

Regarding Green’s ban on playing in Game 5, the Team assumed that the sanctions were issued by the NBA so that the chance to play Cavs was longer.

Tim Donaghy’s reputation in the NBA is a liar. But his statement created a conspiracy enthusiast to be reluctant to glance at his words.

Whether or not there is a conspiracy that includes the 2016 Final, Game 7 is in sight. If this is what the NBA really hopes, then the following will happen.