Owner Judi Bola Wants to Invite Jr. Smith NBA the Owner of the Tattoo is the Spreme Brand

Athletes are very unhappy. The Cleveland Cavaliers recommended that JR Smith complain that the NBA demanded that they cover Supreme brand tattoos on their feet, threatening them with fines.

“Today they told me that I would be fined for every match if I did not cover Supreme tattoos. These people in the league office are very strange, “Smith wrote in an Instagram story.

“I swear I’m the only person they love so much! You say that I have to cover my tattoo, but for what? “You don’t force people to cover Jordan logos on Nike shoes or something like that, all of a sudden this is just a problem with me,” the basketball player continued.



Owner Judi Bola is a big fan of NBA players, JR Smith. He was eager to invite to eat together while discussing sports betting held by basketball bets. Like the summary below:

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