This is the 8 NBA Players “Richest” in the Universe

Careers professionally in the world of sports can indeed promise life prosperity, especially for overseas sizes. Not only the money earned championship prize that can be a source of bonus income, the value of the contract with so many brands of sports products are often preceded the salary remained as an athlete. From the basketball event of the United States, here are 8 athletes who are very rich in wealth, quoted from Visually.

Carmelo Anthony

Not merely a handsome and cute, Carmelo Anthony was also rich in wealth. The basketball player of the New York Knicks club is also the brand ambassador of Nike’s sports products, and that is among the sources of his fortune. Rp915, 6 billion is the total wealth of Carmelo Anthony at this time. Men born May 29, 1984 was married in 2010 and then. Carmelo’s annual salary is Rp244 billion.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is classified as a handsome and sexy NBA basketball player. No wonder if his sophisticated out-of-pitch appearance earns him a lot of advertising offers from so many famous sports products. Wade had become a brand ambassador for Converse, then switched to Nike, then Li-Ning. At Li-Ning, he even has a small share of the company. In addition, this Illinois man also starred in advertising T-Mobile products and energy drink Gatorade. Currently Wade already has a wealth of which reaches Rp971, 8 billion.

Dirk Nowitzki

This Dallas Mavericks basketball player is probably not too often present as a commercial or brand ambassador of sports products. However, business skills that belong to Dirk deserves thumbs up. Of the many businesses that they do, the coffers of wealth continues to flow into the pocket. Dirk has just signed a new 4-year contract with the Mavericks and the total value of the new contract reaches USD 80 million, or for Rp900 billion. The forward player who is in the NBA’s strongest striker has a wealth of Rp1.03 trillion.

Vince Carter

“Vinsanity” probably has not been sparkling on the pitch for the Dallas Mavericks. However, pebasket this one still remain entrenched in the richest basketball rankings in the NBA arena. The value of his contract with the Toronto Raptors and the New Jersey Nets used to be so great and lasting. So, although not a few sports products that glance at it, not like Dwyane, Vince still able to reap the maximum wealth of its potential as a reliable basketball player. Rp1, 08 trillion is the amount of wealth that Vince has at this time.

Ray Allen

Former basketball players from the Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, and Boston Celtics teams are now playing for the Miami Heat. His successful career in the NBA arena field was sweetly flavored with his involvement in the movie “He Got Game”, which brought him to become more famous in the United States. As a vital figure in every match facing Miami Heat, a friend of one LeBron James team that is so telling in this ball shot is still productive. Ray when it has successfully collected the coffers of wealth reaching Rp1, 14 trillion. It will be great if he also likes to gain another side money from playing casino games like Ceme Online with his friends.

LeBron James

The 29-year-old Miami Heat’s best-known basketball player off the pitch. His face has appeared in many international product ads like Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung and Coca Cola. The man from Ohio who recently married Savannah Brinson in 2013 then is now enjoying an abundance of wealth, whose total reach reaches Rp1.48 trillion! The father of Bryce Maximus James and LeBron James Jr. it seems that there is no intention to hang up shoes and look for the coffers of treasures from outside the world of basketball.

Kevin Garnett

The contract value that Kevin got from his old teammate, Boston Celtics, was good enough to support his family, not so much as 3 derivatives. In total, Kevin has earned a contract worth of Rp3.75 trillion throughout his basketball career now entering his 19th year. Players who are both powerful in the center and forward position has a wealth that has reached Rp2, 17 trillion. Now, the basketball player playing for the Brooklyn Nets team is exploring the adaptation period with the new team.

Kobe Bryant

The mainstay of LA Lakers is now has a wealth of a total of Rp2, 51 trillion. Kobe gets all his wealth from the salary of the teams and even the number of ads he has ever starred. When proposed by the Minnesota Timberwolves first, Kobe found the contract value totaling Rp1.44 trillion. Kobe’s sharp shots make not a few brands of sports products interested in his iconic figure. Starting from Coca Cola Company, Nintendo, until Turkish Airlines had put their faces as their brand ambassador. Athletes who are now 35 years old, from Pennsylvania is still enliven the NBA event with LA Lakers. How, have we been surprised to understand the total coffers of their wealth?