A Famous Basketball Producer in Asia

In 1891, basketball watched the light. Inventor James Naismith then uses a ball that will play volleyball today. The manager and pitcher of the baseball team tackled the issue. Even today Spalding is one of the most important basketball producers, but must share this title with three companies.

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1 Spalding
2 Wilson
3 liquid
4 Nike

Basketball Spalding

Albert Spalding enforced this company in 1876. It opened with a sports merchandise business. The founder of this company is a familiar pitcher in baseball and enters at the same time as a manager on his team. Upon hearing about the invention of basketball, Spalding burned for a new sport.

In 1894, Spalding Ball witnessed the light of day. Spalding has been the legitimate ball of the NBA since 1984, which is also the company’s best product.

Basketball Wilson

The subsidiary of Finnish sporting goods manufacturer Amer Sports has been producing sports merchandise for about a hundred years. The headquarters of Wilson Sporting Goods is currently in Chicago.

The company markets its own products in over a hundred countries and is a leading manufacturer of sports ball products. The basketball seed is the legitimate ball of the NCAA College League.

Basketball molten

This sporting goods manufacturer has a base in Japan. The company was founded in November 1958. Basketball became the driving force of the company. Molten supplied the European leagues for a long time. In 1983, Japan opened its first US office, seeking entry into a profitable US market.

Molten spends the ball at the major international FIBA ​​Federation of World Basketball tournaments. For a number of years now, the German Bundesliga are already playing with the ball from Molten.

Basketball Nike

Nike is perceived as a leading sporting goods manufacturer in the world. For example, if Molten did not even have more than 1000 employees, the US company had more than 30,000 employees. However, the company became famous for running shoes and not for basketball.

The first contact with this sport has been around since 1984. In those days, Nike superstar Michael Jordan signed. However, perhaps the best player ever promoted the shoe and not the ball. Even when this, “Air Jordans” feel a good reputation in all the world.

In basketball, Americans still have a number of things to do. Nike is a lot going on in Europe as an official game ball manufacturer.

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